Top Five Questions to Ask If You Are Addicted to Marijuana


Being addicted to marijuana is not even close to being benign. Addiction for the called recreational drug can cause a myriad of psychological, social, and physical issues that will encircle its users everyday of their lives! Engineered marijuana is considerably more addictive and stronger than that which it was in the past. Decades ago it had been considered a recreational or mild drug. With this kind of addictive properties this can no more be thought of as a mild drug.

The effectiveness of the bud is indeed strong, people using this drug experience extreme cravings and gut wrenching withdrawal once the move without it. It’s these 2 symptoms keep people using this medication for a far longer period of time as their addiction is really strong, even though they know that they have to do whatever it takes to end this addiction. If you truly feel as though you are addicted to marijuana, then frankly answer the following five questions.

How Allergic to Marijuana Are You

Please answer”yes” or even “no more” to the following questions.

1. Are you able to utilize more weed than you’re in the beginning? When using for your requirements want more into this have the exact outcomes?

2. When you cannot make use of or get bud do you start to feel apprehensive or anxious? Have you substituted another drug to displace bud because you mightn’t receive any?

3. Have you seen an upsurge in the amount of pot you smoke? (Ex: in the place of smoking a single joint, you end up smoking more than one joint or smoking for a protracted time period?)

4. Are you constantly thinking about getting high, smoking to get high, or attempting to get the amount of money to get high?

5. Has your smoking habit got in the way of one’s social life, affected work, and had negative effects on your own loved ones? Have you stopped or ceased doing things that you really used to enjoy or enjoyed todo just to smoke pot?

In case you answered yes to one of these questions it is probably that you are hooked on marijuana. What you do now is up to you! Knowing you would like to kick this dependence and start to become pot free, then you’re likely to need to find out the ideal method that you stop smoking bud. There are several distinct ways that you could work to quit your dependence on the medication. You can try hypnotism, counselling, cold turkey, or other alternative remedies, however depending on how long and how much marijuana you’ve already been smoking will be a critical element in how hard that this procedure will be to youpersonally.

Should you choose to try and cease, with a strong support system of friends and family and also a stop smoking plan will greatly increase your odds of quitting smoking smoking radically. Do not forget that you’re not just doing this for yourself because you want to improve however, you’re also doing so for the friends and loved ones!


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