Finding a Qualified Church Builder When Building a Church


Finding a qualified church builder when building a church often times is a monumental task. You may have members of the congregation telling you which friends of theirs are Christian builders and you could also have members that are actually contractors.

Now you may be left wondering if these people are the best candidates for the renovation or new project when building a church. As you have probably already figured out, the answer is very likely NO, they will not be the best candidate that you really want to hire.

You should ask the prospects what number of church construction projects they have done to successful completion. Ask if you can talk to the people that had this construction done for them so you can see what kind of work the contractor does and how easy they are to work with what are the seven deadly sins.

What are some questions to ask when finding a church builder for building a church?

One of the keys will be how well you and the builders group can work together on this project. When putting together your team, you should choose people who you can depend on in both good and bad situations and who will work together to reach the desired goal. And of course, the goal is having the project being completed on time and within the budget with quality work being done.

Would your team feel more comfortable working with experienced Christian builders? If so, there are important questions to ask before deciding who you will work with.

You need to examine how committed the Christian builders are to doing top quality workmanship, their business practices and how good the guarantees and/or warranties are that they offer on their workmanship.

In addition, here are example questions that you should ask any of the prospective Christian builders and the past clients that the contractor has built for:

1. Do they have the necessary licenses for the area of country the project will be built in?
2. How many years has this builder been operating? What jobs of similar description to yours has this builder finished over the years and can you view or visit them?
3. When finding a church builder, do they carry proper liability and workers compensation insurance? You need to be sure to have written proof of this from their insurance company.
4. Have you told them that you will be involved in the project totally through the duration, that you expect good communication with them throughout and you will be there until it is finished to a satisfactory end?
5. Does this builder keep a well organized and safe job area to deter any injuries or damage happening. Look at the builders safety record to see if they have a good one.
6. Does the builder back up their work through a warranty?
7. Do they answer inquiries and service calls quickly?

As you probably already realize, this project is a large investment not only in cash but also in time. Similar to any other investment endeavor, you need to invest with a trustworthy organization to get your project designed and done correctly.

To know if a contractor can be trusted, you should acquaint yourself with the owners of the company. If the contractor is the owner, get to know them. Do they seem to be mainly concerned with earning a profit or do they honestly want to please you? Real quickly, you should be able to see how professional they are.

Are they involved with the community? This can be a sign that they are professionals that care and that they comprehend there is more to doing business than just the buildings they construct.

You need to check the builders references to make certain you are choosing the right one. It is a good idea to go view projects that the builder has done in the past. Stroll around the buildings and converse with the individuals that the project was done for.

When you start laying out your plans for the project, consult different trade publications and collect photos and articles surrounding what you want done on the project. You can also begin to think about placement of furnishings, equipment, patterns of traffic, lighting, colors and in what way you want to utilize the different facility areas.

You need to draw a budget up so that you know exactly how much money you have available. Now if your budget is not large enough at this time, the church builder may be able to assist you at this very important stage. The one thing you do not want is to spend too much money or time getting the plans and specs ready just to find out you do not have enough money to actually build it.

Make your final selection of which one of the Christian builders you are going to use so that you can begin! Conducting your research at the start will be worth it when you select the right organization when designing and building a church.

Designing and constructing a new structure is a fascinating venture that you and your team should enjoy doing. Working with an experienced, professional Christian builders group when building a church will make the venture more fun to do and you increase the probability of reaching your desired goal at the end.

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