Must-Haves for a Smartphone App


Are you currently really going launching a smartphone program? You can find more than just a million smartphone programs available now. A user expects to find some features with a program, when he downloads it, no matter what its own category or its own particular platform. These are the fundamental features which every app needs to have. I’ve listed them in this report.

Screen shots: Remarkable screen shots would always bring in users to try out the program. These vibrant screenshots can be used in the appstore or your Android Market page also for submitting the program to the program directories. If you app works fine in tablets and smartphones, you should get screen shots from both these apparatus.PandaHelper

Program description: A great description will play with handy role in the accomplishment of this program. The program description should talk about the noteworthy characteristics of your app. Additionally, it should highlight some exceptional qualities that your users can not find with the other programs in its category. You can tell about key points in bullet list at the close of the description. Finish your description with all the call for words. Never incorporate the ‘Help’ text from the app description.

Web site: Your app should have a fantastic website to market. Bear in mind, the App Store or the Android Market will provide the link of this amazing site at the bottom of the app description. A whole lot of users would really like to visit the programmer’s site before downloading the app. Therefore avoid sub-domains or a single webpage and have a separate website for your app.

Concerning: An ‘About’ section is substantially similar to an ‘About us’ page of an internet website. It educates users who the developer is. You should obtain so many programs with this out section from the Android Market. It actually will affect the reliability of the item. Can we purchase a product without knowing regarding this fabrication?

Welcome screen: You may have an program which loads fast. But never make your users straight involved with it. Show them a well-designed welcome screen before they enter into the app. This attractive presentation would reveal you just like a perfectionist and helps you in branding your product.

Help: A number of these programs are very easy to use and would need no guidance. But a separate Support department is must for even these apps. All of your users may not be that knowledgeable about the gadgets, applications and their usage. If you feel you get a complex program and the guidance cannot be provided in a small section, provide a brief explanation with links to get detailed guidance.

Apart from these few things, you can find some other less important features that will also help you produce a excellent program. But, we’ve listed only a few significant things here. If you don’t have these things today, update your app to incorporate them and launch a media release campaign to inform the world which you’ve included them.

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